About us

About us


UC  Developments is a leading entity, boasting more than twenty years of extensive expertise in the field of construction and real estate investment. Founded through a strategic merger, combining numerous real estate companies across the engineering, architectural, marketing consultancy and project management fields, UC introduces a holistic vision of integrated excellence under one roof. Our elemental edge lies in an expert team of well-rounded professionals who control the entire development cycle from concept to impressive completion, transforming sites into dream-like realities where quality is unrivaled.
Since its early origins, UC Development has been challenging the conventional boundaries of space through an innovative vision of integrated distinction that re-imagines contemporary lifestyles through landmark, mixed-use developments that enrich communities’ daily life. By partnering with leading names in every field, we grant our investors limitless opportunities to thrive in key locations across Egypt that fulfill modern-day needs, thanks to a cutting-edge administrative offices, luxury retail experiences and expansive residential units.

CEO's Word

Since our inception in the market, UC Developments has carved itself a highly competitive niche in the construction and investment field. Over the years, our unwavering commitment to exceed clients’ every expectation has driven us to deliver iconic projects of utmost sophistication, putting unrivaled quality, ceaseless innovation and the community at heart.
We challenge the conventional boundaries of development by putting the power of research and in-depth knowledge at the forefront of our operations. Accordingly, UC Developments has successfully left its impressive mark on fully-integrated visions, spanning residential, commercial and administrative addresses that not only meet the ever-evolving needs of contemporary lifestyles, but also set the benchmark in seamless integration to redefine true return on investment and market norms.
Our eye on the future and commitment to shape a sustainable and better tomorrow for Egypt has driven us to set foot in the New Administrative Capital, capitalizing on our years of extensive expertise, as well as a successful track-record of mega projects in Maadi, Mokattam, Heliopolis, Nasr City, New Cairo and New Heliopolis – to mention few-.
Today, UC Developments takes pride in being a trusted and pioneering name in the field of real estate development, celebrated for its exceptional quality and timely delivery, but most importantly, providing a 360 development cycle from construction, development, marketing and after-sales under one comprehensive roof. We promise to continue growing from strength to strength with our target’s modern needs, crafting benchmark communities that enrich every aspect of their lives while empowering them to live, connect and engage in inspired settings that reflect their true aspirations at every touchpoint.

“Our communities are designed with the future in mind to introduce larger than life destination where people not just live, but effortlessly thrive”

Re-defining the conventional ideal of real estate investment by enhancing added-value at every touchpoint, thanks to iconic developments that not only implement the highest in quality and integration standards, but also provide a unique mix of top-grade amenities at the community’s door.

Our Mission

To become Egypt’s leading pioneer in real estate development by providing innovative investment solutions that cater to every budget and contemporary need while unlocking worlds of true value to amplify return on investment, thanks to integrated quality concepts that challenge the conventional in every way.

Our Vision

Our Values


We adhere to the strictest codes of business ethics and moral conduct, demonstrating utmost honesty in all our practices and daily dealings while always keeping our promises

We lead by example, always relying on in-depth research, rooted in market knowledge to provide our clients with ideal investment solutions that not only help them make the right decision, but also sets us ahead from competition
We put flexibility at the heart of our operations, always adapting with agility to market changes while responding professionally to clients’ ever-changing needs to fulfill the highest level of adaptability.
We implement the highest standards of superior quality across all our products and operations to ensure client satisfaction at every stage while delivering true value, measured by tangible results that exceed every expectation
Team Work
We foster a productive and ever-evolving environment, rooted in seamless collaboration and true unity under one vision that puts client satisfaction first. Together, we grow stronger and achieve more, irrespective of our individual differences that only make us unique.
Timely Delivery
We work efficiently and respond swiftly to every need, always fulfilling our duties on time while living up to our set delivery dates without any hassle or unnecessary delays.