The investment in the New Administrative Capital came out of our belief that the New Capital will be the superior commercial city in the Middle East due to its advantages that make it a touristic, cultural, and entertainment dazzling capital, which makes the whole world eager to visit and invest in it especially after the tremendous signs of progress that have been achieved on ground and the great interest of the political leadership in this civilizational project.

The Design

The design of UNI Tower mall is fully inspired by nature, which distinguishes every corner inside and outside the mall.

The basic shape of the building is inspired by a wheat spike that symbolizes prosperity and growth, and the mall is also distinguished by its height in the middle of an area whose buildings do not exceed five floors.

The mall consists of a ground floor and 10 floors for multiple purposes and spaces.

The Tower from inside:

The first four floors are allocated for international brands shops, restaurants, and cafes, besides, a rest area for the visitors.
The rest area is designed under the supervision of German companies, to be on a transparent glass floor with ornamental fish with their cheerful colors, to give the visitors a sense of relaxation.

The fifth floor has been completely allocated to medical units for various specialties, among a group of joyful green plants that inspire a state of optimism and hope, with separate elevators and gates allocated to medical clinics to preserve privacy for the patients.

As for the floors from the sixth to the ninth, they are for administrative offices, which have been provided with a wide range of services that help provide an ideal work environment in terms of having a reception area that serves the whole floor, a cafeteria, and a large meeting room fully equipped with the latest necessary devices, in addition to providing the rest area with a library and headphones to play soothing music that helps employees relax in their break during working hours.

As for the tenth floor, it has been designated to be fully furnished hotel studios, fancy designed, with an upper floor that has entertainment lounges.

Through the "UNI Tower" project, we offer competitive prices and a variety of spaces for the units, that meet the customers' demand.

knowing that the prices of commercial units start from 65,000 EGP per meter, administrative units start from 18,000 EGP, and medical starts from 27,000, with a payment period of up to 14 years in equal installments and a 10% advance without interest.


Aquarium floor:

A unique idea for the first time in Egypt, where a colorful decorative aquarium will be implemented beneath a glass ground at the commercial floors, and the food court area, which will make visiting the mall such an enjoyable and great experience for the guests.

Wildlife zone:

Giant cages containing a group of rare wild birds, these cages will be placed in every corner of the commercial floors, which will be an attraction factor for many visitors to the mall to enjoy watching the birds and take memorable photos next to them.

Fully Finished Apartment:

The last floor of the building contains hotel apartments fully-equipped at the highest levels of luxury, overlooking the “Al Masah” Hotel and the iconic tower, and is fully serviced by one of the largest hotel services companies in the world.

Sky Lounge:

One of the best places in the Downtown area, where it overlooks the iconic tower, with waterways and seating areas.

Chilling lounge:

A special corner has been allocated on each of the administrative floors for the people who work there to enjoy their break time, and these corners will be provided with entertainment and comfort facilities to restore energy to continue the workday actively.

Food Court:

One of the best food courts in the Administrative Capital with its special features such as the rare bird cages and the transparent aquarium floors.

Fully serviced administrative units:

The administrative units of the mall are fully finished, and have the best designs and services, to ensure practicality and luxury simultaneously.


The garage area extends to a depth of three floors, equipped to accommodate the largest possible number of cars safely.

The garage contains surveillance cameras ,water and liquid-resistant floors.

Fire Fighting System:

The mall is fully equipped with the latest fire suppression systems, with full coverage for all areas of the building, in accordance with the terms of the Civil Protection Agency and international specifications.

Outdoor Area:

On the ground floor of the mall, is one of the best outdoor areas in the New Capital, overlooking one of the largest, and most beautiful Downtown squares, with a variety of international brands and high-end restaurants that make the experience of the place very unique.


The mall has high-efficiency elevators to serve the tower visitors quickly, quietly, and comfortably, as the best international elevator companies have been contracted for supply and maintenance.

Mega outdoor screen:

There will be a giant screen in front of the main square, in which the brand names in the mall will be announced, in addition to broadcasting the weekly celebrations and the official celebrations like New Year's eve.

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